post Eid random thoughts

As have finished the days of Eid I’m thinking about all of the Prophet Muhammad’s sayings on the virtues of the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah and how good deeds are multiplied in those days. I’m sad, as those days passed all too quickly with not enough of an effort on my part to do better. It’s a usual feeling, not unlike the post-Ramadan letdown.

But what bothered me was how preoccupied we get in these days in Eid preparations that I’m not so sure are necessary, like shopping for food and gifts. Don’t we realize how precious these blessed days are, rather than spending them traipsing around shopping malls? I’m talking to myself 100% here as I realized on the evening of the Day of Arafah that the whole day was basically shot being out and about. Meanwhile our brethren at Hajj were spending that whole day in intense ‘ibaadah. Ideally we are supposed to try and achieve some semblance of the “spiritual high” that the hujaaj feel in Makkah, but it’s impossible to do that if you are enmeshed in dunyawi stuff like shopping.

Mental note to self: do shopping before hand and make the day of Arafah a special, family oriented day of worship.


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