Suggestions for Learning Arabic

I was having a bit of nostalgia about our life in Jordan (what triggered it is the subject of another post if I get to it)… and I was perusing the blog I kept when I was living there. In there are a few posts that contain suggestions for learning Arabic. Here they are for your benefit. Having written this 5 years ago (time flies!) I would probably like to add to what is here, but that will have to wait for another time.

May Allah keep our intentions pure and increase us in knowledge, aameen.

FYI…The blog is titled “Merium’s Notes From Kharabsheh” so I feel somewhat obligated to point out that we were studying only Arabic there and were not part of a certain group that happens to reside in the area. I only point this out because sometimes people read that and make assumptions about our religious leanings (and that is all I have to say on the issue 😉 ).

my beloved 'Ammu Hans 🙂

Arabic Suggestions 1: Why?

Arabic Suggestions 2: Listen! Or…Meet Shaikh Fulaan

Arabic Suggestions 3: Arabic Takes Time!

Arabic Suggestions 4: ‘Ammu Hans

Arabic Suggestions 5: Qur’an as Your Teacher

Arabic Advice from a Non Arab


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