Another “dear mom on the phone” post…

Dear Mom at the Park on Her Phone,

Wait, why are these things always addressed to the moms? Oh, that’s right, because mothers are the only ones expected to parent perfectly; we get so happy at park daddies that we don’t bother to judge them.

I digress. Dear mother on her phone: thank you. Thank you for taking the moment to yourself. Thank you for trusting your children’s competence enough to tear your eyes away from them and allow them to play while you decompress. You’re nailing this parenting thing.

You’re making a solid choice here to relax on your phone while your kids are playing, because as we all know, chaos will erupt the second you leave. 


Heck, give yourself a pat on the back for even making it to the park. I’m typing this at the park right now and I had no desire to be here. I was grumbling a little bit as I was taking them, so my husband deadpanned, “If the kids want a park, tell them we have a park. It’s called a backyard.”

So here I am, on my phone, proudly engaging in some benign neglect of my offspring. Maybe I can increase my street cred by surreptitiously using my phone inside of a copy of a Jane Austen novel. 

Much love to you, fellow phone swiping mother at the park–I feel you. I am you.


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