Ramadan Qur’an Club Registration is Now Open!

I want your students to fall in love with the Qur’an this month.

I want them to learn how to enjoy the Qur’an and to view it as a treat, not a burden or a chore.

To that end, I am pleased to announce The Ramadan Qur’an Club.

In the Ramadan Qur’an club, students will learn to develop a close and meaningful relationship with the Qur’an. Each student will have a copy of the translation to make his or her own–for notes, thoughts, highlights, and questions. We will discuss the themes of the Qur’an as we use creative ways to interact with the Qur’an such as mind maps, graphic organizers, and journaling. The focus is on enjoying our relationship with the Book of Allah and making it meaningful and personal.

By working in a group, students can gain insight from each other, benefit from others’ reflections and thoughts, and become inspired and encouraged. We will be cheering each other on to read more, and reflect more on this book throughout Ramadan, and together we will make a plan for how to keep our momentum going after Ramadan.

Included Activities


An example of one of my own mind-maps. I’ll help students create these at their level.

  • Finding a weekly “Gem”: a verse or passage that is beautiful and inspiring
  • Using art and modern calligraphy techniques to design an inspiring visual reminder of a verse or passage
  • Learning to support each other: students will be encouraged to be supporters of each other in their Qur’an goals
  • How to create a Qur’an journal: a notebook with a collection of Qur’an quotes, questions, reflections, and mind-maps (visual representations of a surah’s themes)
  • A “Qur’an Cooperation”–instead of a competition, we’ll set a whole class goal and then cheer each other on until we all reach our goal for the month. Students will take ownership by deciding on their class goal, whether that be studying the meaning of a certain number of surahs, learning the tafseer of select passages, or any other Qur’an based project.
Required Materials 
  • A Qur’an translation. Students should have the Saheeh International translation and have their own copy that can be highlighted and marked in. Here is one purchase option.
  • Highlighters: Because the Qur’an pages are very thin, I recommend “gel

    We’ll learn how to do some quick modern calligraphy designs like these.

    highlighters” because these do not bleed through the thin paper of the Qur’an translation. These are sometimes sold as “Bible-safe” highlighters.

  • A high-quality notebook to create a Qur’an journal that can be used long-term. Please choose a bound notebook, not a spiral notebook.
  • Some basic art supplies for Week 3. It can be as simple as markers and pens, or can include watercolor, colored pencils, pastels, etc.

Full Schedule:

Week 1:

  • “This is MY Qur’an”: how to make the Qur’an feel like a personal message to you
  • Reading strategies–the “parallel reading” technique for reading Arabic and English translation
  • Creating a Ramadan game plan for Qur’an reading
  • Whole-class “Qur’an Cooperation”: instead of a Qur’an competition, we will plan a “cooperation”–a whole-class goal for us to reach by the end of the month.

 Week 2:

  • Share your gems: what beautiful verse did you find this week?
  • The Qur’an reads your mind: how the Qur’an fits every mood and every situation
  • Intro to Qur’an journaling and mind-mapping

Week 3:

  • Share your gems: what beautiful verse did you find this week?
  • Getting creative: using art to connect to the Qur’an.
  • Modern-style calligraphy tips, and how to create unique written word and visual art representations of Qur’anic ayat

Week 4:

  • Share your gems: what beautiful verse did you find this week?
  • Night of Power: Planning for the biggest night of the year. Make a list of verses to inspire you in the last ten days.
  • More mind-mapping practice: how to extract the themes and big-picture ideas from surahs

Week 5:

  • Share your gems: what beautiful verse did you find this week?
  • Entering the final stretch of this month of Qur’an–making these last few days count
  • Continue working on Qur’an journals and mind-maps

Week 6:

  • Qur’an Cooperation final results: did we meet our goal?
  • Final project presentations
  • Keeping it going: Making a plan to keep the Qur’an close to our hearts all year long


 Registration and Timings:

Several different sections are available. You can choose the one that meets your needs:

For 8-12 year old boys and girls:

SECTION FULL: Sundays May 13- June 17, 4 pm EDT (Eastern Standard, GMT-5), 9 pm UK time

Sundays May 13- June 17, 5:15 pm EDT (Eastern Standard, GMT-5)

Thursdays May 17- June 21, 2 pm EDT (Eastern Standard GMT-5), 7 pm UK time

Wednesdays May 16- June 20,  12 pm EDT (Eastern Standard GMT-5), 5 pm UK

Wednesdays May 16-June 20, 6 pm EDT (Eastern Standard GMT-5), 11 pm UK

For teenage girls (13 and up):

Sundays May 13- June 20 at 1 pm EDT (Eastern Standard), 7 pm UK time

Instructor: Merium Khan
We meet online, once a week for 60 minutes via Zoom.
6-week session: $65 USD

Technical Requirements

  • Students will need a computer or tablet that can run the Zoom program.
  • Headphones with a mic are recommended but not required
  • Students will receive a link to the online classroom where they can find the access links to the live sessions as well as any handouts for the class.

About the Instructor

Merium Khan has been teaching for the last 20 years in Islamic full-time schools, weekend schools, private tutoring, halaqahs, and online classes for children and adults. She has authored a book on Seerah that is used in Islamic schools and has also worked as a curriculum developer and consultant. The one word that students and parents use to describe her teaching is “passionate.” She loves to bring concepts to life in thought-provoking ways while tapping into her students’ innate intelligence and knowledge.

She is the founder of The Muslim Educator blog and Online Academy and is also an artist with Heart Murmur Designs, combining thoughtful words with whimsical images. She currently homeschools her three children in the United States.


Registration is filled on a first come, first serve basis. 

Ready to register? Click here!