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I’d vainly like to think that some people find marginally useful my attempts at profundity about the mundane events of life. Plus, I like to write.

I’m a writer, artist, homeschooling mother, and all-around entertaining person to be around. I like to talk, and if I am not in talking distance, to write. If you like reflecting on parenting, life, faith, literature & love (not necessarily in that order), pull up a cup of chai and read. Comments are optional but always appreciated. 🙂

Please also stop by my art store, Heart Murmur Designs. It combines my musings along with art. Connect with my art via Facebook and Instagram.


5 thoughts on “about

  1. can. actually. write. … believe it or not!

    the book really _needs_ to be out asap, I need a good kick in the behind and a babysitter for Abdullah (aka wildchild) to get it all done.


  2. oh cmon a babysitter? isnt that number one on the “not-to-do” list of childrearing? have you seen the documentary sicko by michael moore? anyways one part talks about in-house nannies in france who go to new mother’s houses for 2-3 hours a day when the mother is home. they take care of the baby while the mother sleeps, cooks, or writes a book.

    difference between that and a babysitter is you are there when the nanny is there, and you can see what the nanny is doing to your kid. (kinda like a part-time beena/mama/emma/christie/marilyn). 🙂



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