for my friend s.k.

For my friend S.K. (if she’s reading), who is leaving me soon for new places and people, the following:

by Marge Piercy

Being together is knowing
even if what we know
is that we cannot really be together
caught in the teeth of the machinery
of the wrong moments of our lives.

A clear umbilicus
goes out invisibly between,
thread we spin fluid and finer than hair
but strong enough to hang a bridge on.

That bridge will be there
a blacklight rainbow arching out of your skull
whenever you need
whenever you can open your eyes and want
to walk upon it.

Nobody can live on a bridge
or plant potatoes
but it is fine for comings and goings,
meetings, partings and long views
and a real connection to someplace else
where you may
in the crazy weathers of struggle
now and again want to be.


2 thoughts on “for my friend s.k.

  1. I am reading…and shedding a tear or two. I love poetry. It has a way of expressing emotions and fluttering thoughts that an essay could never thoroughly convey.

    Whenever I reminisce about past friendships, I seem to recall the aroma of moments.

    Moments like a very cold picnic at Stony Creek park with the wind nipping at our noses, whisking a kite on its wings.

    Moments like staying up at night in Ramadan and reading Qur’an. Moments of mutual encouragement to do good deeds.

    Moments like sipping warm cider on a chilly fall evening and observing bakray and lamas. 🙂

    Moments like sharing an egg salad sandwich together w/o worrying about how messy my house is.

    Moments like laughing over a plate of yummy Sam’s Club cake.

    Moments like watching Abdullah climb a hill and keep falling.

    And last but not least……..*cuddle* *cuddle* awwwwww….

    (and no i’m not gay)

    But it’s times like these, with a heavy heart, I think about the importance of good company. Family has its own place in your life, but I feel that friends are the steering wheel of life. You might find a place of serenity, beauty, and a land of good deeds….or you might swerve and crash.

    But the point of this long excursion is to express my appreciation for the fine company you have so gracefully shared. I really look forward to traveling many times on your aforementioned bridge and am glad to know that it finds its start in your “back-skull” and ends in mine.


  2. Awwww, thanks girl…glad you have such fond memories, I’ll remember them all too! I’m glad you found this poem and I’ll miss you so so so much…. insha’Allah you’ll find better and cooler friends in your new place. 🙂 And I’ll have abdullah send cuddles over the phone.


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